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Trying to make an art show an interesting read


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One of the best things about being a journalist is you get to do so many things you would never do if you weren’t covering it. Prime example, the Boone County Art Show in Columbia a few weekends ago. For some reason, I had never attended the fantastic art show. Then my editor asked me to do a short story the day before it started.

I loved it. It was a challenging story, though, because I easily could have tried to add no life to it. Here’s how I started it:

People entering Boone County National Bank downtown yesterday signed in at the customer service desk, viewed a naked woman with a child on her lap near the mortgage loan office and glanced at a panoramic painting of the Hitt Street parking garage under the “Tellers” sign.

The 50th annual Boone County Art Show has again transformed a place of deposits and loans into a venue for displaying paintings and sculptures.

CDT: Bank counts on display

CDT: Young artist beats the odds

It’s fun to cover good news. I mean like real good news, such as a person who works hard and receives an award because of his or her diligence. Last week, I got to write about one such occasion. I love these stories that give you the freedom to try new things in your writing while sharing the good news.

Columbia Daily Tribune: Young artist beats the odds

Nick King photo

Nick King photo